Why are my headlights cloudy? How do you fix them?

Headlight Oxidation

Modern headlights have a UV coating applied to them that gives acrylic/polycarbonate lenses that super clear look you see nowadays; this also protects them from sun damage the same way a clear coat protects paint. The problem is that the government only requires automakers to make this “clear coat” last 3 years; most are expected to last about 5 years after exposure to the sun and the lights themselves baking this coating, and wear and tear make your headlights look cloudy or foggy. Think about where your headlights are positioned on your car, deflecting every piece of dirt and road grime head-on at 60mph. It’s like a sandblaster. It’s only a matter of time.

Replacing the headlights is an option, albeit and expensive and time consuming one, but resurfacing them and reapplying the UV coating works in almost all cases. Obviously, the longer you let leave your headlights exposed without their coating the more permanent damage is done to the lens, and the less effective resurfacing is.

When you look closely it appears the cloudiness is coming from the inside. It’s not. I thought the same thing. Our process will still make your headlights new again.

Why it matters

A lot of people just see the aesthetic appeal of restoring their headlights. Heck, that’s why I did it. But the first night I drove with my lenses restored I realized how handicapped I’d been before. My line of site had been decreased more than I realized; objects a distance were now much clearer, and there was an actually difference between using my high and low beams! $99 is not a lot of money for piece of mind.

Driving with cloudy headlights is dangerous and can reduce your nighttime visibility as much as 80%. In some cases you may be breaking the law if not enough light is getting through your lenses.

And then there’s how your car looks. It honestly pains me to see a nice clean car that I know the driver takes pride in only to have the front end accented with yellow and cloudy headlights. It looks terrible. I want to fix it! I can fix it!

How do you fix it?

That’s a secret! No, it’s basically a 10 step process of sanding and polishing. The real key is the high quality UV coating we apply at the end. You can’t pick this up at Auto Zone. Without the right equipment, like the kits you might try to buy at the store, this process could take several hours and only last a few months. It’s the difference between taking an old beater to a car wash and giving it a new paint job. Our process will last at least a year but usually longer depending how long you leave your car in the sun/drive at night. If for some reason it does deteriorate within a year we’ll fix it up for free! That’s our one year warranty.

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