About Brite-Lites

When I was finishing my career at Texas A&M I remember when I could finally afford a nice car. You know; not the one passed down from your dad to your older brother to you, but something I was proud of. Hey, it wasn’t a late model, and it wasn’t brand new. But I kept it clean and you couldn’t tell if it was a year old or 6... until my headlights started to cloud up making my car look, well, old.

The first time this happened to me I actually went to a body shop and paid $250 to have one headlight “refinished.” It took 3 hours for one headlight. Was this the only answer? New headlights for my car cost $300 each! A few years later the same thing happened. I bought one of those kits at the store and tried to do it myself. 2 hours later it kind of worked! But my lights clouded up a few months later. Fail.

So I started to do some research, and the technology and equipment has come a long way for the professionals. I invested in it. I practiced. I tried it on my friend’s car, on my sister’s car, on my car. Awesome! Take a look at before and after pics.

We aren’t a big operation. We work by appointment only. We do one car at a time. Send us an email and we’ll schedule a phone call. I’ll tell you all about it.